Jake Taraska

The Future of Drafting Catchers

Analyzing The 3 Most Important Traits In Scouting Young Catchers Framing pitches is one of the most valuable traits for any catcher. It puts your pitcher in more advantageous situations, it saves runs over the course of a 162-game season, and it gives opposing hitters an opportunity to see better off speed pitches. However, as innovation and technology grow, the value… Read More »The Future of Drafting Catchers

2 Better Metrics to Develop Hitters

While more and more pitchers are throwing 100 MPH, throwing with insane spin rates, and utilizing pitch tunneling to their advantage, hitters are simply playing catch up. Developing hitters is behind the 8-ball compared to developing pitchers. There are 2 reasons why developing hitters is extremely difficult to do: 1.) Trying to predict the unknown. You never get the same… Read More »2 Better Metrics to Develop Hitters